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Weston Library Stories

by Lynn, Mary-Ann, Janet, Jim, Joanne, Thomas, Patricia,

Dan, and Carmel (from their WHS Facebook posts)

My first job there was as a library page when I was 14, making 60 cents an hour.



I also worked at the Weston Public Library, starting in 1950 and finishing in 1958. My Dad, Tom Calnan, was the chairman of the library board. Mildred Wilhelm and her Dad (Professor O.J. Wilhelm) worked with me and was also on the library board. Librarians were Olive Nickle in the Adult Department and Ruth Rothery in the Children's Department.



When I moved to Thistletown in 1951, my Dad took me to the Weston Library and got my first library card. I'm an octogenarian now, but I found that card among many things my parents kept from childhood. Those early trips to the library were a treat for me. I'd choose one book for me to read myself and another for my Dad to read to me a chapter at a time most evenings. Still love to read and enjoy Book Club.



My first "real" job was at this library!! I was 15, working as a "page". I had been going to that library since I was very young, and I loved the craft programs they had for kids!



I did enjoy the basement Children's Section. It was well done, and I'm certain it helped to instil a lifelong passion for reading. Coming from a family like mine was a huge inspiration as well



I got to see who else had checked out the book before me from the signature card on the book cover.



Miss Rothery used to say to me: "Now dear, ten is enough for now. Come back next week!"



I was so excited and proud when I got my card to the adult section. There are so many choices!



That was my first library. There's always something special about that. Remember the oh-so-tall stacks? Remember the old, old books that were jammed into those sta
cks? The remodel was needed, but in my heart, it's the old library that remains.

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