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WHS History

The Weston Historical Society history is a story of the efforts made by two women to preserve Weston's heritage.

In 1967, the Weston University Women's Club purchased two rolls of Kodak film to photograph Weston's architecture as part of Canada's Centennial celebrations. Members Marjorie Campbell and Jean McMahon took on the task of capturing the essence of their beloved Weston.


As retired teachers and lifelong friends, Marjorie and Jean were concerned about the vanishing historical landmarks of Weston. They wanted to speak with a united voice for the former Town of Weston, which had lost its corporate identity after merging with York Township to become the Borough of York. They were among the first advocates for the Weston Historical Society (WHS).


In August 1975, the Weston Residents and Ratepayers Association established a Weston Historic sub-committee. Later, the Weston Ratepayers petitioned for approval to restructure the Historic sub-committee as the Weston Historical Society, with Marjorie Campbell as the first Chairman.


On May 12, 1976, a public meeting was held in the Lindsay Auditorium to consider the founding of a Weston Historical Society. Seventy people attended the meeting, and Marjorie Campbell presided as Pro-Tem Chair of the Weston Historical Committee.

A second meeting took place in September, where the Mission Statement was carried unanimously, and the Weston Historical Society (WHS) was officially established.

On October 2, 1976, the first General Meeting of the Weston Historical Society was held, and several officers were elected, including Marjorie Mossman as President, Debra Grubbe as Recording Secretary, Helen Hamilton as Corresponding Secretary, Bill Thomas as Treasurer, and Marjorie Campbell as Public Education and Custodian.


Ten Directors were also elected, including H. Ashbourne, L. Brookes, F. Ewart, J. Halder, J. McMahon, P. Montgomerie, J. Mahaffy, S. Musselwhite, M. Rowntree, E. Strathdee. Dr. F. Cruickshank was named Honorary President.

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