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TTC Streetcars 2158 and 2148

Here's a negative that I got in September 2022 showing a very different-looking Main Street (Weston Road). The image was taken by Lewis Swanson on the 12th of September 1948. The photo shows TTC Streetcars 2158 and 2148 passing each other just north of King Street. The building on the right is the old Weston police station. South of it one can just about see the signage for the Weston Theatre. The signage for Ward Funeral home is partially visible by the streetcars. Less apparent is signage for the Weston Greenhouses to the left, and to the left of it is a darker sign that seems to relate to the old

Weston Lawn Bowling Club. There is also a smaller sign that I first thought was a real estate sign, but it seems to say something about a 'commission' along the bottom of it. As for those who were not around at the time, the old Weston police station at this time was on part of the Cruickshank lot, by the south end of the property.

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